Lavender-Infused Bullshit: A Post on Supporting Loved Ones with Mental Illness

Lavender-Infused Bullshit: A Post on Supporting Loved Ones with Mental Illness a post co-written with my family Mental illness is shit.* It’s cruel and squirrely and steals joy from people who suffer from it. It sneaks up on you in a class you’re so very excited about and tells you lies that you don’t belong. […]

Blessing on the WinterWalk to End Homelessness

The Winter Walk is a remarkable joint effort to raise awareness and funds to help end homelessness in Boston. Rather than six organizations competing against one another for funds and attention to serve those experiencing homelessness, they do the work together. You can give here. I am grateful for this witness to abundance and honored to welcome […]

A Gift for the Angry: “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?” Good Friday 2019

“from that cross, a gift of these words. A gift for us below, us who doubt and believe. A gift for the angry, the wavering, the weary. A gift for the destitute. Jesus gives us not the semblance of abandonment, but the lament of one who is desperately, utterly alone. A gift from the cross so that we might eternally know that our God knows the depths of our despair.”