Follow the star & receive this gift


On Epiphany (often celebrated January 6th), the wise ones arrive in Bethlehem following a star, not knowing entirely what was ahead of them. The Church has adapted this ancient pilgrimage in many ways, as Tres Reyes/Three Kings celebrations and more recently as gifting a “star word” to guide you through the next year. There are 36 different words available to guide you through the next year, and closer to God.

Pick a number between 1-36. Then click thru to find your word for this new year.

Know you are guided by the One who never leaves nor forsakes us.

Love, Rev. Laura

PS. if you dig this page I made, and want to gift some love back –consider making a gift to honor those who have traveled the road before. I’m especially mindful of some Black clergy women colleagues and a tough season in the AME church. CashApp for African Methodist Episcopal Church Women in Ministry $AMEWIM

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