Preacher: Rev. Joel Matthew Anderle

In advance of the Massachusetts Council of Churches Annual Meeting on Saturday April 28 at the Wellesley Hills Congregational Church we’re highlighting the amazing folks who will lead us. You can register  for “Christian Unity in the Digital Age” here:

Today, I want to introduce you to our Preacher for morning worship, the Rev. Joel Matthew Anderle. Joel serves as the Senior Pastor of the Community Covenant Church (Evangelical Covenant Church) in Peabody, MA. Joel is also the President of the Massachusetts Council of Churches. I am looking forward to hearing Joel preach this Saturday. I’ve worshiped with Community Covenant Church in the past. Let me testify- this man can preach, with depth, candor and a deep love of the Church. You will want to hear him on Saturday April 28.

Like many of us, Joel lives with feet in two different worlds- among evangelical Christians and among mainline Christians. I think this is part of what equips him so well for working with a wide range of Christians. I am grateful that he is leading the MCC at the time I came in as Executive Director. He has been a steady and trusted source of clear-eyed counsel through this transition. As the Massachusetts Council of Churches is asking questions about the vitality of our ecumenical structures, Joel and Community Covenant Church are asking similar questions about how their community of faith is organized. Joel is able to think strategically about how we must reshape councils of churches but with a Pastor’s sensitivity to how disruptive change can be for the communities we serve.  I admire Joel’s appetite for new thoughts and articles. I appreciate how long Joel will brew on an idea. This curiosity and depth shows through in his preaching.  It’s a joy to check my email and find some article sent by him that prods me in a new direction. Also, like many of us, Joel lives in the intersection of the wonderful traditions of the Church and the new ways we are learning to share the Gospel. I’ve been on the receiving end of compassionate text messages communicating his pastoral care for me and this institution we serve.  Fueled by Mountain Dew and a deep trust that God is doing something new with us and our institutions, Joel is a trusted colleague, wise pastor and an excellent source for new music recommendations.Join us on Saturday 4/28 to hear Joel preach and guide our time together.

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 The Reverend Joel Matthew Anderle

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Short Bio: Raised in Michigan, educated in Holland, Michigan, Chicago and Boston, father of five, husband of Nurse Practitioner Janine Post-Anderle, Joel Anderle is and ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church.  He has served Community Covenant for thirteen winters so far and currently serves as President of the Massachusetts Council of Churches.  Joel listens avidly to contemporary popular music, exercises with passion, enjoys travel, poetry and is working to develop a deeper appreciation for visual fine arts.   He watches as little television as possible.   He is a grateful reader of Richard Rohr, Wendell Berry, Frederick Buechner, Gregory Orr, Thomas Merton, and Mary Oliver.    Contrary to popular imaginings, Joel does know how to tie a four-in-hand necktie.

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I'm a pastor in the United Church of Christ here in Boston. I serve as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches. Cycliss, seamstress, my book is "Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels." NJ by birth, MA by choice. Opinions are my own. Love abounds.

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