A Prayer for Election Day

On this day, more today, we pray for our country divided and ourselves.

We confess that we pick up our pens and pull our levers without naming the mothers and men who callused their hands demanding, again and again demanding, their right to vote.

We confess that we add to the rancor we despise, presuming the worst, pouncing on gaffs to win an imaginary prize.

We confess that we have turned parties into enemies and election into war.

Forgive us.

Take the malice in our hearts, the venom on our tongues and dispose of our anger.

Convict us to train our eyes on all whom you have called “blessed.” All.

Be with all those who put themselves forward for public service. Equip them in mind and spirit for this holy calling.

Restore us to our better angels, and if not, our better selves.

Guide our feet in paths of justice and peace.

This is my song, O God of all the nations.



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