Why doesn’t Church ask us to Check In?

My favorite neighborhood restaurant is Vee Vee. They serve locally-sourced food in a cosy space. They deliver by bicycle. Inside, they’ve added a new sign:. And so I did,  posting a photo of my tasty meal. I visit a lot of churches, more churches than restaurants. I’ve yet to see a sign like this in a church. […]

Witnessing Resurrection

I think I witnessed resurrection on Easter Sunday. After the bread was broken, the wine poured, the prayers recited, our pastor said “Come, for all things are ready.” The servers were mindfully walking forward. From about 10 pews back, a young woman rushed forward, first in line. Her face was flushed. I think she had […]

The Inter-Generational Church and the Digital Divide

At a wonderful meeting with the other Executive Directors of state council of churches, in a conversation about messaging and advocacy, I testified that tweeting (http://twitter.com/reveverett) is a discipline where I practice being concise. I didn’t notice much response. I asked how many were on Twitter. Of the 17 in the room, 3 tweet: the three […]