Teaching Twitter skeptics, a template

Today was an experiment that seemed to mostly work. I often teach "Intro to Social Media" workshops in Church settings. Today, with the Louisiana Interchurch Council Board, I experimented with teaching people how to tweet using a paper template. I figured that folks from a paper generation would be more comfortable drafting their #FirstTweet by…Read more Teaching Twitter skeptics, a template


7 Words: Facebook Pages and Defining your ‘Voice’

Old South Church in Boston's Facebook page includes the usual updates on their shared life. But a creative, participatory project caught my eye. Borrowing from The Christian Century article "The Gospel in Seven Words,"  their Facebook page offered their own seven word summations of the Gospel from clergy and members alike over multiple days. From the Minister…Read more 7 Words: Facebook Pages and Defining your ‘Voice’

Election Day Communion: Social Media & Christian Unity

A nationwide witness to Christian unity during a season of political division began not by councils of churches or denominations, but 2 Mennonite pastors and a lay Episcopalian in a swing state.  Election Day Communion puts forth a compelling vision: on the day when our country feels the most divided, invite Christians to come to Christ's…Read more Election Day Communion: Social Media & Christian Unity

Why doesn’t Church ask us to Check In?

My favorite neighborhood restaurant is Vee Vee. They serve locally-sourced food in a cosy space. They deliver by bicycle. Inside, they've added a new sign:. And so I did,  posting a photo of my tasty meal. I visit a lot of churches, more churches than restaurants. I've yet to see a sign like this in a church.…Read more Why doesn’t Church ask us to Check In?

Witnessing Resurrection

I think I witnessed resurrection on Easter Sunday. After the bread was broken, the wine poured, the prayers recited, our pastor said "Come, for all things are ready." The servers were mindfully walking forward. From about 10 pews back, a young woman rushed forward, first in line. Her face was flushed. I think she had…Read more Witnessing Resurrection

The Inter-Generational Church and the Digital Divide

At a wonderful meeting with the other Executive Directors of state council of churches, in a conversation about messaging and advocacy, I testified that tweeting (http://twitter.com/reveverett) is a discipline where I practice being concise. I didn't notice much response. I asked how many were on Twitter. Of the 17 in the room, 3 tweet: the three…Read more The Inter-Generational Church and the Digital Divide

The Executive Desk

I heard the story from Diane. Diane heard the story from Jim. Jim was told by Forrest and Forrest heard it from Jesus himself. The desk in the Massachusetts Council of Churches office had been used by at least 5 previous executive directors. I am the one that took an ax to it. The varnish…Read more The Executive Desk