A Prayer for Thanksgiving

If you are tasked with offering a Prayer today for Thanksgiving, here’s a participatory reading, based on Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman’s “Thanksgiving Meditation” from November 11, 1958 broadcast on WHDH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts. Do yourself a favor as you cook and listen to the audio of him reading and then preaching via the Howard Thurman Digital …

I will not leave you: A Transfiguration Sermon on 2 Kings 2: 1-12

“I do not understand the whirlwind or the chariots or the parting of the Jordan, but I know it’s true. Not everything that is real can be explained. And awe is a faithful response to the presence of God. “

Polemical Praise: A Post-election, Interfaith Sermon on Psalm 100

“To center God as the object of our praise is to displace all else. No politician will save us. No patriotism will save us. No privilege will save us. Praise centers God when the center cannot hold. “